Inventions has been representing inventors since the early 1990s. Since then, we have established a reputation for practicality and sincerity which has made us friends with inventors and manufacturers alike.

We have negotiated licenses across a range of market sectors internationally and, in doing so, have developed an impressive "black book" of manufacturers who are always receptive to our advances, invention portfolio in hand.

The inventors we deal with come from many backgrounds. Some are experts in a highly technical field. Others have simply observed a common problem and, in a flash of inspiration, designed a product that deals with it. Inventors have our respect whatever their approach. We have built our company on providing what inventors need.


Inventions has its roots in plastics manufacturing. Our management of inventions is therefore grounded in a practical perspective, and one which the manufacturers we deal with on your behalf generally find reassuring.


We can't publicise all the licenses we have negotiated– many inventors naturally demand privacy – but we can indicate the scope of our operations with a few examples.
We are proud to offer honest dealings with inventors. In this section, a few inventors comment on their experience with us.
The institute of International Licensing Practitioners; we are proud to be a member.

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