We sell inventions. In return for a share of what we earn on your behalf, we aim to succesfully sell your invention to a company with a route to market. We aim, in other words, to convert your investment in your invention into a financial return for you.

Few companies in our sector share this aim.
Where you make money with your invention is where you want to be. And it is our territory.

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Generally, other companies might focus on preparing your invention - with patent, design & prototype work. This development work needs to be managed. Are you managing it? With what objective? Without an objective, you will waste you money.

You need to take full advantage of the Patent process to maximise the chances of you making money in the long run. We know how.

Be sure to get in touch soon and we can see you through these critical early stages.

The early stages of prototyping and design can only take you so far. What happens next? How do you stop spending money on Patents that are not converting into cash? How do you push through to the stage where you start earning money from your invention?


From here on in, this is our territory. Next in the development process is actually selling your invention to a company with a route to market. That means negotiating a license and managing all the legal and business matters that it brings. This takes experience. We do it all the time, and have done for 27 years.

Inventions is one of a handful of UK agents with a successful record in helping private inventors to launch their product internationally. Wherever you are in the world, we can make a difference, with almost 15 years experience in transforming product ideas into regional as well as global market realities.

From fax encryption devices to DIY gadgets, we have experience across diverse product sectors. Whatever your idea – highly technical or blinding common sense – we will provide a custom development strategy based on real market knowledge.
What do our services involve exactly?

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Inventions are famously frank in their dealings with inventors and rigorous in defence of inventor financial interests.

Integrated management
We lead from the centre, co-ordinating the range of experts (legal, design etc) necessary to protect and develop your invention.

Transparent finances
Upon successful negotiation of a license on your behalf, we take an agreed % of the proceeds. Apart from that, all you pay for are the various services we need to contract on your behalf - such as patent search and registration, marketing materials, design refinement and
prototype development.

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Our chief focus as a licensing agent is to keep our inventors' costs down. The earlier on in the Patent process we can get involved, the better –as we can then ensure that costly mistakes are not made and that strategic decisions are made which will streamline costs and fast-track the entire process. »»» Contact options


Often inventors think at some stage that their best bet is to market their invention on their own. Its not a ridiculous idea: you've done perfectly well inventing the thing on your own, so why do you suddenly need other people? As an inventor, you are accustomed to thinking independently –and doing so with success. But don't let that deceive you when it comes to selling your idea.

For your invention to make it to market, you need more than enthusiasm and technical insight. You need completely different skills from the ones which have got you this far. You need, above all, a project manager to co-ordinate the very demanding spheres of expertise involved in inventions promotion –centering, of course, on the labyrinthine Patent process and climaxing in the pressure of license negotiation. You need somebody to fix meetings with the right people. You need somebody to close a deal. You need, we would suggest, Inventions, the original inventions brokers.

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